Design and Technology

Precise, essential and functional design is translated into a product made of unalterable materials and safe for your health. World wide competition as always so aggressive in this field, it permits to our company to satisfy a large range of costumers all around the planet. From stainless steel disc to complete saucepan. Deep moulding, finishing, precise controls, packaging come to warehouse ready t be delivered. Research and development department is the brain in every SILGA project. Here there is such a deep and particular considerations to details, technicality and manufacturing.

Silga cooking systems are all designed from professional people and they are dedicated to really good connoisseurs of kitchen. Everything is made of special 18/10 stainless steel with high thikness that guarantees sturdiness and unalterability. Rigorous and essential design includes technical and functional solutions. Pans’ bottom is all a steel capsule that prevents corrosion. Pan’s rim is designed with a “pour” shape. Inside outside faces are all anti-scratch. Assortment of cooking items is all studied by precious advices of famous chefs.

Technotherm: the special bottom

All the kitchenwares produced by SILGA have an aluminium thermo-diffusion bottom called TEKNOTHERM, designed by professional people and dedicated to really good connoisseurs and passionate of kitchen. The special
thermo-diffusion bottom enables a regular and controlled cooking on any energy sources: gas, electric plate, induction. This technology permits a energy safe cooking and it guarantees a costant heat distribution on all pan surfaces. Bottom is protected by a stainless steel capsule that prevents corrosion guaranteeing maximum hygienity.


Thanks to the knob with the cooking indicator the time spent in the kitchen can be optimised.


Heavy, steam recycling. No heat and nutritional factors wasting.
The perfect fit of the lids on the pan edge prevents any loss of the steam and nutritional food elements, that are kept inside. Thanks to this system, very little water and no added fats are needed, thus assuring a healthy, balanced and natural cooking cycle.


Safe, freezable and dishwasher guaranteed.


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